The BeeKeeper's Notebook is an immersive honey tasting kit that will include a link to a presentation on bees, hive construction, bee's role in agriculture and a walk-through of various forms of honey and a tasting of five honey varietals.  And, finally, how to use honey in drinks and cocktails with a demo on how to craft the famous, "Bee's Knees" cocktail using your favorite varietal.  You can watch the video and taste through the varietals at your own pace and on your own time.


This is the Basic Kit, you can add other extras and upgrades.  And, if you are based in Phoenix, you can order the gin and lemon honey mix directly for pick-up at Garden Bar PHX.


We ship all of our kits and products Priority Mail with tracking.  If based in Phoenix, you can opt to pick-up curbside.  

BeeKeeper's Notebook / Basic Kit

  • We are powered through Garden Bar PHX, a garden to glass cocktail bar in downtown Phoenix.  You can add a Bee's Knee's upgrade (which can also include gin and a fresh lemon honey mix) for pick-up only at Garden Bar PHX.  Contact us directly if you you would like this option and we can coordinate.  (Will save you the shipping costs as well.)

    Kim Haasarud