Tradecraft Outfitters

Tradecraft Outfitters - one coolest companies I saw at the NRA this year. They work with dozens of craft coffee roasters and tea companies all over the country (i.e. Stumptown, Ritual, Spyhouse, Cult Coffee, Toby’s Estate, etc.) and are continuing to add more. They can set up a restaurant/bar with the proper coffee & tea installations, depending on their needs – Nitro coffee on tap? Kombucha on tap? Sparkling Botanical tea? MOD coffee bar? Hot Coffee on tap? Pour over? By going through one company, this allows a restaurant or bar to design a coffee and tea program that can change, seasonally, AND work with multiple roasters that customers may be familiar with. They treat coffee roasters and tea companies much like having different micro brewers and beers represented at an establishment.

They also have a training program to ensure the staff is well versed in what is being served, how to set up and serve.

I think they’re the missing link between getting more craft coffee and tea companies, front and center of the guest! Love what these guys are doing!

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