The Super Cool Martini

The Martini … on paper, it’s a very simple drink. That’s why many martini connoisseurs put so much effort into the minutae and details, finding that perfect balance.

One new trend – The Super Cool martini. And by Super Cool, I mean, both in style and temperature. The Paradiso Bar in Barcelona first introduced the Super Cool martini and it’s made huges waves in the global mixology community and amongst martini geeks. A special freezer is used from Japan called the Fujisakura (originally created to supercool Bluefin tuna.) This freezer supercools liquids to well below freezing temperatures. (Example: Water freezes at 32°F, but a Fujisakura can chill it down to a -55F. Upon contact with something solid, it will instantly freeze, making for a martini ice sculpture in the glass.

See video below.

For more information on this freezer, click here.

Simon Difford wrote up a great little article on the Dry Supercooled Martini. You can also check that out here.

But, for most establishments, supercooling may be too expensive an endeavor or too difficult to achieve on a consistent basis, especially for multi-units. (It is possible to do this without the special freezer, but it takes some time in carefully monitoring the temperature and making sure it doesn’t “bump” or freeze solid) So, some have opted for a “Martini Experience” using frozen temperature vodka or gin, vermouth and wheeling a cart tableside.

Dukes of London has made this part of their tradition and has been touted as having the world’s best martini. It’s THE place to go in London if you’re hankering for a martini. On my travels and conversations with other bartenders, I’m taking notes on who I think has the world’s best martini … I’ll be writing another post on that soon.

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