The Golden Child

If I had to choose a color for 2018 that is the color for cocktails, it would be gold. I’m seeing “gold” everywhere, here and abroad - in the color of drinks as well as in garnishes, glassware (and even bar tools). But, inside the drink, turmeric has played a big role. Known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it also produces a bright golden color in drinks that is, well, beautiful.

Turmeric is in the ginger family, so it plays well with the same type of ingredients ginger plays with – herbs, other spices, and orchard / stone fruits such as apple, peach, apricot and cherry.

NOTE: MONIN released a Golden Turmeric Syrup just this year, making golden cocktails easier than ever to make.

Golden Ginger Soda (Non-Alc Drink above)

3 oz Golden Ginger Syrup*

3 oz club soda.

Stir over ice.

Golden Ginger Syrup

1 part ginger juice

2 parts lemon juice

3 parts clover honey water

(1 tsp ground turmeric for every 2 cups liquid)

Mix 3 oz Golden Ginger Syrup with 3 oz club soda.

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