The Cocktail Collaborative

Some exciting news! We have finally launched our non-profit initiative, The Cocktail Collaborative! (aka “The LAB” for short.)

WHAT: This is a non-profit (501c7) social club for the beverage and hospitality community that is tied to a brick & mortar space located in downtown Phoenix. It is an adaptive re-use of a 1914 bungalow that is being restored as an actual bar and space to be used for educational seminars, professional presentations, drink development, R&D and other. It has all the needs a traditional bar has – mixers, spirits, tools, innovative equipment to not just create your standard cocktails, but to innovate and do true research and development.

Architect's rendering of some modifications to take place later in 2019.

WHO: Anyone can be a member as long as they are passionate about cocktails and spirits – Beverages Directors, Bartenders, Brand Ambassadors, Hospitality professionals, or Cocktail enthusiasts!

WHEN: The space is open and available now. Educational events are being planned, with a couple already on the books. Members are already booking LAB sessions and using the space for a multitude of projects.

WHERE: Located in downtown Phoenix, it’s just minutes from the airport in the South Roosevelt district.

WHY: There is a need in the beverage industry for a neutral space where beverage professionals can go to learn, practice skills and present to clients. There are several “open kitchens” in major cities where chefs and cooks can go to learn, grow and practice their skills. But nothing like this has existed for the beverage industry. This is that opportunity. Bartenders can come to work on drink development, practice for competitions, request spirit flights to practice for BAR or their master accreditation for the USBG. Beverage Directors or Brand Ambassadors can use the space for drink presentations, drink development or educational seminar and tastings. Cocktail Enthusiasts can attend educational seminars and tastings as well.

Click here for more information.

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