The BeeKeeper’s Notebook

Updated: May 17, 2021

A DIY Honey Tasting Varietal Kit

As many of you probably already know, I’m a HUGE honey fanatic. I use various honey varietals to enhance specific properties in spirits and ingredients. I also like to use different forms of honey such as honeycomb, granulated honey, whipped honey and more! (In fact, at Garden Bar

PHX, we’re doing a whole section on the menu that is all about incorporating honeys in different ways such as the “Choose Your Own Bee’s Knees."

I’ve just launched a honey varietal tasting kit that includes 5 different honey varietals, a tasting map, recipe cards and a presentation on how honey is made, hive construction, bees role in agriculture and how to best use honey in drinks and in cocktails.

And, finally a demo on the Bee’s Knees!

Kits start at $25 and has many upgrades and additions including additional honey varietals, honeycomb, cocktail shaker, Riedel 2-pack sour glass and more. (For those living in Phoenix, we can provide the gin and lemon honey mix via Garden Bar PHX.)

Click here for more info or for group sales! (We can customize, as needed.)

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