Maddy's Mean Pink Milkshake + Mother's Day Prosecco Fizz

During this Covid-19 crisis and while in quarantine, I decided to get my kids involved and do something that they love most ... videos and milkshakes. Over the last few weeks, I've been making my kids milkshakes ... and lots of them. They've really started to get into it. I, myself, like milkshakes too, but definitely not an everyday thing. So, I thought it would be fun to have them brainstorm and get involved with this process in making a how-to video, plan the steps and then I could create a cocktail inspired by their milkshake, drink - whatever they wanted to make.

We're calling our little series "Mocktail, Cocktail Monday Mash-ups". The first half is their drink. The second half, is my adult version inspired by their drink. This was our first at-home attempt, but plan on doing them at our downtown LAB moving forward.

First Episode

Our first episode was today, 5-4-2020 and features a mean pink milkshake from Maddy. I made an inspired "Prosecco Fizz" for Mother's Day.

Hope you enjoy!

Maddy's Mean Pink Milkshake

2-3 scoops vanilla ice cream

strawberry sauce

frosting (cake frosting infused with a strawberry emulsion)

whipped cream

red gum ball (in lieu of cherry)

Lots of bling (donut holes, chocolate bark, nonpareils of various shades of pink and white, pink sixlets, pink pop-tarts cut into corners and strips

Step One: Prep all your bling

Step Two: Frost the outside of the glass about 2-inches. (NOTE: you need to use regular cake frosting, not "fluffy" frosting as it won't hold all of your bling.

Step Three: Add Strawberry sauce in the glass.

Step Three: Blend the ice cream (with added milk, as needed) until smooth)

Step Four: Pour into decorated glass.

Step Five: Add Bling and serve!

Mother's Day Prosecco Fizz

Makes 2 servings

2-3 scoops vanilla ice cream

2 oz strawberry infused Aviation gin*

2 oz lavender tea, chilled *

1, 187ml Lunetta Prosecco, chilled

Pink paper straw

Garnish: candied flowers

*Strawberry Infused Aviation Gin

I used Aviation gin because of its lavender aromatics. And, for Mother's Day, I wanted a really pretty, floral drink.

1 cup Aviation Gin

1/2 cup sliced, frozen strawberries

Infuse for 2 hours

NOTE: A fast way to infuse amazing flavor into a spirit -- use frozen fruit. As it starts to thaw, the alcohol pulls out the flavor rapidly. It makes for a super fresh and clean flavor. (Even faster than if it were just fresh.)

** Lavender Tea

Make a double-concentrated tea. One tea bag per 4 ounces of water. Let steep for 5-10 minutes. Let chill.

Step One: In a blender cup, combine the ice cream, strawberry infused Aviation gin and lavender tea. Blend with 3 cubes of ice until smooth. (NOTE: Contents should be "liquidy" and thin, not necessarily thick and frozen like a milkshake.)

Step Two: Pour contents into two glasses. (Should fill them about half way.)

Step Three: Slowly stir in the chilled Lunetta Prosecco.

Step Four: Let sit for about 30 seconds and add more Prosecco. (This allows the mixture to rise up above the lip of the glass and form a "cloud" on top.

Step Five: Decorate and serve with a straw.

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