Pink Gin ... the next big thing?

Pink Gin is HUGE and is being touted as “the millennial’s gin” … but just not in the US (yet, that is.) I’ve seen numerous articles written abroad about Pink Gin as the next gin category. But, the mass majority of pink gins are not in the US; Beefeaters Pink and Gordon's Pink being the only exceptions as they were just released last year. (And they are quite delicious.) But that is probably bound to change given the enthusiast base on Instagram and the demand for it outside the US.

Pink gin started as something pretty simple, a gin with an aromatic bitters, which gives it a nice pink hue. It’s evolved into gins that are brighter and bigger in pink and with flavors of fruits that are red or pink in color such as strawberry, raspberry, grapefruit, etc. Aside from the color, what makes pink gins so popular is that it appeals to non-gin drinkers – it steers away from the higher-proof, juniper-forward styles and leans towards the lighter, more fruit-forward, “prettier” styles. The gin distiller from Beefeaters was quoted, “There is a huge market for pink gin drinkers; they just don’t know it yet.”

I see a big opportunity with Pink Gin. . While the gin category continues to gain popularity and market-share, some customers are still turned off by it due to the strong juniper flavor. It could be the next gateway gin spirit -- it's easy to use in cocktails, easy to drink with tonic water and it's pretty!

Other Pink Products

While these products may not be gins, they are pink and they are delicious. Fever Tree came out with an Aromatic Tonic which is pink, due to bitters added. Hangar One Rose – a rose-insfused vodka, not only delicious, but has a lovely pink hue.

You can always make your own Pink Gin or Pink cocktail.

Pink Gin Martini

This is actually a classic cocktail. It's a gin martini with 3 dashes of aromatic bitters.

Pink Gin Infusion

1Bottle of lighter-style gin (such as Hendricks, Beefeater 24, Plymouth)

2 cups hulled and sliced strawberries (ripe)

Let infuse for just a few hours at room temperature. (For a faster infusion, try sous-vide for 30 minutes at 120 degrees.) See sous-vide infusion blog posts for more instructions and ideas.

Hopefully, we'll see more Pink Gins and a bigger demand for it in 2019!

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