Cheesy Cocktails ...

Believe it or not ... cheese has found its way into the cocktail cabinet. I don't know if I would necessarily call this a trend just yet, but it is something I'm seeing more and more of.

Cheese as an Ingredient

Cheeses like marscapone and mozzarella (especially when fresh) are easy to make a foam or milk with and can add a nice texture to a drink. Marscapone especially works well in sweeter styled drinks as it behaves like a cream, but has a subtle savory edge to it. Diluted cream cheese can work as well if you want something with a little more acid.

Cheese Pairing

Cheese can also be a great PAIRING to a cocktail and with spirit, particularly those that have smoky or savory elements (or you want to add those elements to the drink). One USBG chapter held a "Scotch, Cheese & Oyster" pairing.


Technically, not a cheese and not a cream, it's also being used in cocktails as well. It's a good fat to use that also has some amount of acid. Try it in your next pina colada!

The cocktail and image to the left is from @theglassclass. It uses muddled mozzarella, cognac and ginger. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

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