All about Pineapple

All About Pineapple! I'm seeing more usage of pineapple in many different creative ways - not just the star of a drink, but also as a modifier and garnish. It can add a nice "fluffy" texture as well as a hint of tropical flavor. It goes well with all spirits ranging from heavy smoky spirits like mezcal and islay scotches to lighter and more delicate spirits like gin and brandy to being a central component in tiki cocktails with rum. It also pairs well with almost any other citrus, fruit or spice.

For garnishes, it can be cut and used in a multitude of ways, from dried slices to "flowers", to cutting stir sticks to using the stalks and leaves.

Below are few creative uses of pineapple.

Clockwise from top right.

1. "Sand & Sun" from @worldsbestbars. Photo and drink by @moodymixologist. Garnished with pineapple top.

2. From Hallie Arnold, Garnished with dried pineapple chip.

3. "Rum & Rubbish" From @drinkassociation. Cocktail by @bar33cankstreet. Contains pineapple and "leftover" and "repurposed" ingredients.

4. "Posh Pina Colada" - Post from @worldclass. Made with Zacapa rum and pineapple coconut water.

5. "Nobody puts baby in a corner" - Post from @imbibe. Drink by @ettarestaurant

6. "Bee Hive" - variation on Bee's Knees with yellow chartreuse and pineapple juice

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