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Whether you want to create a ready-to-drink cocktail, mocktail, carbonated drink, DIY kit, experience, we can help.  We can offer a turn-key solution and tool-kit giving employees everything they need to know from the ordering to the batching - all in one place with an  eye towards cost-effectiveness, operations and unique point of sale.


There are a lot of things to consider when doing recipe development for to-go beverages.  For example, most cocktails and drinks made behind the bar are with the intent that they will be shaken or stirred, your glassware in mind, your ice and the “show.” 

How it’s going to be served and consumed is one thing to consider before jumping into just bottling your existing cocktail.  Let us help you with the development, from start to finish.  Whether it’s taking your top-sellers and adapting them as “ready to drink”, creating something new or an at-home experience, we can help.

Below are ideas of some creative options others are doing to draw inspiration from.

We can also explore some other creative options like “Carbonated Cocktails”, “Clarified Cocktails”, ”Punches” etc., and provide you with the tools you need to execute efficiently.  We have also sourced a creative collection of bottles, carriers, pouches to fit your needs.  See blog post for more information and ideas.

Example Ideas:

  • Carbonated Bottled Palomas

  • DIY Mojitos

  • Crystal Margaritas & Daiquiris (uses clarification techniques.  See blog for more information.)

  • Tropical Cocktails

  • Barrel Aged Old Fashioned


Packaging is an important part of the experience.  It can set the tone and

anticipation for the beverage experience.  There can be some surprise and

delight in just this component.


Guests expect the typical “to-go” beverage container, but with some

creative graphics, containers and presentations, it’s all part of the adventure.


We can work with you in finding the right packaging and items for your

to-go kit experiences.  In addition to disposable items, we also have some

environmental re-usable items that can be branded that guests can bring

back to be re-filled and used again and again.


Picnic Basket Tote

Market Tote

Bag Tote

Liq Arch_To go_01

Sangria Pouch

wine bottle tote


wine bottle carrier

beer bottle tote


In addition to take-out beverages, we can assist in developing Beverage Adventures.  These can range from virtual tastings, flights, mixology classes, celebratory occasions and other unique offerings.   Let us work with you in creating something unique.

Thought Starters:

• Carbonated Pink Palomas

• Spritzer Kits

• Flavortime Lemonade Kit (for kids)

• Celebratory Birthday Champagne Kit

• Crystal Clear Margaritas (Ready to drink)

• Bourbon Tasting Kits

• Build Your Own Mojito Kits

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