Kim Haasarud is a James Beard-honored mixologist and author. She conceives her signature cocktails just as any serious chef would create a specialty dish, taking inspiration from market-fresh, high quality ingredients. “Cocktails, like food, should be culinary experiences,” says Haasarud. “It is about combining ingredients to create a sensation on the palate and entice all the senses with a combination of flavors, textures, aromas, and garnishes.”

You won’t find the standard Cosmopolitan or mix-based Margarita on Haasarud’s ever-changing bar card. Instead, depending on the occasion or the season, she might shake up Martini infusing teas with fresh muddled fruits, or concoct a Margarita with ripe kumquats or Mexican chocolate.

Like many of her peers, Haasarud bartended her way through college. But what was just a job for most became a creative outlet for her keen sense of taste. It also sparked an enduring passion for building great cocktails, one that Haasarud still longed to indulge after graduating and going to work in film and television. She found her opportunity in the many industry parties she attended. “The drinks and the bars were always the same and always boring, despite very creative food and themes,” says Haasarud. “I recognized that a great cocktail experience would add a rich element to each event.” And thus, Haasarud’s company, Liquid Architecture, was formed.

Haasarud’s liquid cuisine has stirred up a huge following in both New York and Los Angeles. She has worked with such groups as: PF Changs, Four Seasons Resort Maui, Ritz Carlton, Wyndham, Omni Hotels, Royal Palms Resort, TGI Fridays and hundreds of restaurant and wine and spirit clients have commissioned specialty cocktails by Haasarud, including Moet-Hennessy, Campari America, Beam, Diageo, Maxim, and Pepsico to name just a few. Her cocktails can be seen in hundreds of magazines and newspapers including: Wall Street Journal, NY Times, NY Daily News, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Saveur, Food Arts, Vogue, SELF, Vibe, Wine Enthusiast, Maxim, Lucky, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Associated Press and on various radio programs including, “Martha Stewart’s “Everyday Food”, “Cosmo Radio”, Good Food” with Evan Kleiman, and ABC & CNN Radio syndicate to name just a few. Most recently, she has been seen on the “TODAY” show, “Sonoran Living”, “Fox & Friends”, “CBS Early Morning Show”, and the “Montel Williams Show.” She has also been featured at the Aspen Food & Wine festival and served as a guest judge on Iron Chef America for The Food Network. She is currently writing a monthly column for Redbook Magazine called “Mommy Mixologist,” and a monthly column for the Arizona Republic.

Kim has written a best-selling cocktail series with Wiley & Sons (101 Margaritas , 101 Martinis , 101 Sangrias & Pitcher drinks, 101 Champagne Cocktails, 101 Blender Drinks, 101 Mojitos and other Muddled Drinks, 101 Tropical Drinks, and 101 Shots) .

She is co-founder of the
Arizona Cocktail Classic and the Après-ski Cocktail Classic, is the President of the Phoenix Chapter of the US Bartenders Guild, and is member of Les Dames d’Escoffier.